Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cheap Handbags 2011

Women always love to carry a fashionable and stylish handbags and when it comes to buy a handbasg thwey are very exccited about it.Handbasg have always been a centre of attraction for ladies and girls.They spends hundred of dollars to get a stylish and latest handbag.

Inexpensive Fashion Women Purses Online

If you are planning to buy a trendy and cheap handbasg online first of all you should be careful in buying a purse online in a cheap price and must not compromise on the quality.You will get lots of offer from shos sell low quality handbags at cheap prices but after a thorough research you would be able to find a suitable handbag online.
Secondly make sure that your dress theme and colour should match the handbag.There are lots of famous companies offering smoe really good and stylish handbags at inexpenvie and affordable rates.Brands like Louis Vuitton have a good collection of high quality women pursed with cheap rates so choice is all yours shop smartly and save your budget wisely.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Luxury Handbags 2011

Handbags are a dire necessity to complete a woman’s wardrobe. Every woman has a heart for trendy handbags that are en-vogue. As far a luxury handbags are concerned, spending some extra bucks on them is always a worthy investment to your style. There are some well known international brands of handbags that are simply sumptuous and add a touch of class to your look and giving you an edge over others. Every woman loves to have a luxury bag as a part of her wardrobe for adding some ‘bliss’ to it!
Some of the well known designers offering luxurious handbags are: Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Coach, Gucci, Burberry, Mulberry, Michael Kors and many others. Here are some luxurious handbags that a simply a delight for all the uptown chics out there!
Prada – The name says it all! It has now become a new word for elegance and classiness! The line of handbags introduced by Prada this year is one on its own, with exotic new designs and colors you will fall in love with them instantly. The use of reptile and animal leather as appliqu├ęs for decoration on the bags flaunt creativity and gives a very trendy edge. The inner parts are also decorated with leather that looks great in combination with the clasp. The handbag line of Prada this year contains a mixture of styles, from the latest trends to the old contemporary look from 60’s and 70’s. You’d surely love them all!
Louis Vuitton is yet another brand that always comes with trend setting designs of handbag and it keeps up with the tradition this year as well! Louis Vuitton handbags are famous for its monogram canvas on most of the bags. You get to show off your brand! ;) They offer a wide variety of colors and shapes that are casual as well as formal. Carrying a Louis Vuitton bag automaticall makes you ten times ‘cooler’ and more stylish than other with the ever so alluring designs.
Chanel – My favorite of all! Chanel is a brand that offers the greatest and the classiest handbags of all! If you’re someone like me, you would die for a Chanel handbag. And this year the line of handbags is just out of the world! They flaunt simplicity and elegance and the most brilliant manner! Chanel totes, Chanel flap bags and Chanel cambon bags are some of trendy lines of Chanel that you would fall in love with. Having a chanel bag in your wardrobe is a dream of every girl!
Coach is another brand that is famous for its super stylish handbags all over the world. Coach handbags are not just hand carry, they exhibit your true personality when you carry one. Coach offer all sort of designs of bags, from big bags in which you can store a lot of your stuff, to handheld bags or shoulder carry bags. Some of the most popular collections are Coach Poppy Collection, Coach Madison Collection, and Coach Christine Collection.
These are but very few of the numerous brands of luxury bags that you’d love to buy!

Leather Handbags 2011

Handbags appeal women of all ages. Leather handbags are something that is a must have for every lady to complete her wardrobe. They are simple, stylish and elegant all at the same time. Leather is a material that exhibits class and elegance and is excellent in terms of quality. It is a material that never goes out of date. Thus a leather handbag is an essential accessory for every woman, it looks great and does not limit to one season. You can carry a leather handbag all throughout the year and flaunt your style. Be it fall or spring, leather handbags are always an in thing.
Leather handbags are perfect for morning affair however they don’t let you down in a night or evening affair as well! There are gorgeous designs for both casual and formal looks. Calf skin and reptile leather are very trendy this year. 2011 brings a whole new variety of designs of leather handbags that would not want to miss at all!
Leather hobo handbag is a very classic example of 2011 leather handbags. The design is very unique and attractive and it is spacious enough to carry all your essential belongings and contains cell phone slots as well! The color and designs of hobo handbags are just tempting and are perfect for carrying when hanging out with friends or a casual day.
Leather clutches are also very classy, they are ideal for both formal and informal events, just enough to carry your cell phone, some bucks and some makeup on the go! The ones with magnetic fastening and metallic chains look very chic and classy.
Leather Shoulder bags are also very trendy, they are also perfect for both casual and formal events, they look even better with sequined embellishments and diamantes as they add a touch of glamour to whole look. However, the simple ones give a very casual look.
Leather Basket bags are yet another a la mode add on to your wardrobe. The shape of these bags is very stylish and if you buy the one in vibrant and bold color then, ye! You have it all! Basket bags in bold color are very 2011! You’ve got to buy one for yourself this year for a perfect 2011 look!

Italian Handbags 2011

Italy is a place where beauty and history reside. From the ever so admiring churches and museums to luxurious opera houses and theatres, from delicious Italian cuisine to high class fashion trends, you will find all in one place. Italy is no doubt a dream! Especially when it comes to Italian fashion, no one can beat it. It is the house of all the international brands like Prada! When talking about Italian fashion, handbags are something that cannot be left out. Italian handbags have divine class and give you an edge over others when you are carrying one. Though women love all sorts of handbags, but honestly Italian handbags are something to die for!
Italian leather is world famous, designers from all over the world use Italian leather for creating trendy styles of handbags for their collections because, they are scratch resistant, light weighted and very durable. Italian top calf, crocodile and ostrich leather are some of the high quality leathers used by the designers. Italian handbags add a touch of elegance and class when carried. There is a wide range of styles of Italian handbags that are extremely classy. And 2011 brings in ‘cherry-on-top’ designs that you would go head over heels crazy for. Once they catch your eye, you will never be able to get your eyes off them. So here am I to share with you some of the Italian brands I came across with!
Carbotti Italian leather handbags are the classiest of all, they are handmade and are well known for the delicate yet beautiful details. Though they are a bit expensive but are very worthy of the bucks spent. You can carry a carbotti handbag all year round because there no limit of seasons to these bags.
Arcadia Handbags are another choice for all the Italian leather lovers! They are casual, classic and extremely trendy. These bags have a signature stlye, they have small circular dots embossed all over the handbags which gives a boho chic flair to your style. No doubt, arcadia handbags complete an up to date wardrobe.
Ferromoda by Lisa Coll is yet another brand, which offers various styles of attractive handbags; joop shoulder bag is a masterpiece with a very classy style and can be turned into a tote bag for extra space.
Apart from brands, Italian hangbags offer a vast variety which includes tote bags, clutches, bucket bags, handheld bags, evening bags, saddle bags, shoulder bags etc, made from finest quality of leather and flaunting true Italian authenticity.